Gina Friedman

Olivia started riding in Amarillo, Texas at the young age of four. Her parents did not know anything about horses and were shocked that this was her passion. Olivia competed on the South Western Hunter Jumper Association until her family moved to Midland, Texas. While living in Midland, Olivia competed and exposed herself to many different areas of horses. From American Paint Horse Association, 4H, Pony Club, Polo, Hunter/Jumpers, and Eventing. She also immersed herself in veterinary care spending weeks at a time at Brock Veterinary Clinic in Lamesa, Texas. During Olivia's junior year of high school her mom knew that she needed to be immersed in the east coast horse scene. Because of that, she has spent the last several years traveling and training with some of our top professionals in this sport. Olivia has lived everywhere from Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, training under Sinead Halpin, Mike Huber, Heather Morris, Tik Maynard, Captain Mark Phillips, Jacquie Brooks, Steve McAllister, and many more. Olivia has also spent time studying under top grooms and barn managers to understand just what it takes to maintain a top level sport horse. Olivia has attended many U.S.E.F High Performance Training sessions and the Canadian High Performance Winter Training with George Morris. She has accomplished many things with her current upper level horse, My Mitch, bringing him from the Novice level to the 4*** (olympic level) in Eventing. They have had many top placings on the national level and the international level. Olivia wanted to bring back her professional level of expertise to the Midland equestrian community, because that is something that she wished she had growing up there. She spends the majority of her time in Midland, but still flies up to train and compete, Mitch, on the east coast. Although focusing on continuing her equine education and competing is important to her, Olivia's most passionate about teaching. Olivia is amongst a select group of people to be Team USA Safe Sport and a U.S.H.J.A (United States Hunter Jumper Association) certified trainer. Olivia is also in the process of getting her U.S.E.A (United States Eventing Association) ICP (Instructor Certification Program) certification. 

Olivia Cliver

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Gina grew up in Midland, Texas where riding horses quickly became her passion. She took a short break from riding to marry her wonderful husband, and have two beautifull children. Her daughter, Sarah, is also apart of On The Mark. Gina returned to riding with Sarah when they lived in Dallas, Texas. She has ridden with many top North Texas Hunter Jumper trainers such as Glenn Ronden at Showtime Stables, Nicole Keightley at Hidden Lake Farms, and many more. She has been a crucial part of our team and enjoys teaching young kids just starting their equestrian endeavors. Gina is Olivia's right hand for On The Mark! Gina is also Safe Sport Certified.